There are many pay per call networks that allow you to promote any number of different businesses. Some of them are GoojiBear, RingPartner, and eLocal. While these networks can be beneficial, you should make sure you research them thoroughly. You should look for a high conversion rate and a high relationship between the network and the advertiser.


eLocal’s pay-per-call network allows service providers to advertise their services to local consumers. The network links local service providers to advertisers in order to increase their exposure and reach new customers. When a consumer clicks on the ad, they are directed to the service provider’s call center, and eLocal gets paid.


GoojiBear is a pay per call network based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company specializes in paying affiliates to make phone calls. The company has many affiliate programs, and a rigorous screening process is applied to every affiliate. Affiliates can earn up to $15 per call. The company’s pay per call campaigns are focused on the financial and home services sectors.

Astoria Company

The Astoria Company is one of the leading names in the pay per call industry. They work with some of the biggest brands and are known to be incredibly effective. This company uses proprietary technology and systems to drive more revenue and increase click-through rates. As an affiliate marketer, you will never be bored with the types of products and services they offer, and you can leverage their infrastructure to build your own profitable business.


RingPartner is a pay per call performance marketing network that delivers high-quality leads to top-tier advertisers. The network uses click-to-call technology to generate high-quality leads. The company’s proprietary technology and unique process allow it to deliver highly targeted leads to publishers.


If you’re looking to generate calls for a business, you can use a Pay Per Call network. Various networks exist to help marketers reach customers, but you should make sure to find one that best suits your niche. These networks are designed to help you find the most qualified prospects for your products or services.